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Prologue IV – The Mantis Warriors

+++ Saint Ahra orbit +++
+++ command bridge of “Sword of Zagul” +++

– “This is commander of “Sword of Zagul” sergeant Corymbus acting within the authority of Captain Tagon Ortuga, answer our hail or condemn yourself to obliteration, this is my final warning” Said Corymbus and then he turned to one of bridge human officers:

– “Time before they are in firing range?”

– “Two minutes my Lord. They are all burning their engines towards us with full speed”

– “Gunnery decks ready my Lord, awaiting the targets approach” reported another crewman

– “Sergeant Olivyi to the bridge. We are ready and waiting, boarding torpedoes loaded with Battle Brothers!”

– “Very well Olivyi await my orders.” replied Corymbus

– “My Lord they are hailing us!”

– “Put it through on main screen”

The main screen filled with an image of an old man wearing Imperial Navy livery of the Admiral rank. His face was rugged and his overall look was of a man that gave up on his life, sorrow and bitterness dripping form every word he spoke.

– “This is Admiral Felario of “Rightful Glory”, 1st Jorus monitor squadron. I see the false Emperor has send his curs to bleed us yet again. Face me lapdog, I hope you will make for better sport than your lousy brothers did on the surface of Baalimm, and …”
– “Cut the link. Forward the orders to our accompanying destroyers that all but the command vessel are to be obliterated into oblivion. “Rightful Glory” is to be taken by boarders. Sergeant Olvyi this is bridge – you have clearance to slaughter everyone on your way save for the Admiral Felario – I want him alive. Enginarium, full speed ahead” Corymbus – veteran of countless void battles, for more than two centuries serving as one of the most gifted battleship commanders in the Chapter relayed his orders in a heartbeat to his subordinates, content that he will finally see some action after nearly a year without firing his ships weapon systems.

– “My Lord, it looks like Lord Jehol was right, entire system thrown into madness of insurrection, abandoning Emperors light.” voiced his thoughts one of crew officers.

– “Yes, that is likely the case now that I have seen his defiance I have no doubt that the insurrection runs deep within Jorus, and most probably was planned with care. The real question yet is not that of how many of them there are already turned traitor, what is most important is the figure of the leader – who is behind this madness? My intuition tells me we will find out soon enough, and when we do there will be no mercy…” Proclaimed Corymbus

– “My Lord? Permission to speak freely?” Asked First officer of “Sword of Zagul” greybeard man who often provided Corymbus with valuable council.

– “Granted”

– “Honor demands that we serve void kill to “Rightful Glory” and its crew, why would you board it and why would you keep its captain alive?”

– “Felario is by the right of his rank a commander of system bound fleet, that means he was allowed to attend council meetings consisting of system governor and other military commanders, and that means he is very well informed. Also if we can assume that land forces are all dedicated to insurrection, and now we know void forces are also taking apart in it, it leaves a question of the role of system governor. Our interrogators will have plenty of questions for Felario. That is why I am not killing him where he stands – and truth be told I would gladly obliterate his ship with barrage of our weaponry but efficiency of campaign ahead of us is more important that my personal pleasures” Corymbus grinned towards first officer after finishing.

+++ two hours later +++
+++ “Sword of Zagul” command bridge +++

Wreckage of system fleet slowly drifted in the void towards the Saint Ahra due to its gravitational pull. Veteran sergeant Corymbus added another victorious battle to his honour roll.

– “My Lord, sergeant Olvyi reports that mission was successful, Admiral Felario is captured and his crew is dead to a single men. Also sergeant Olvyi reports that mission was carried out without any losses.”

– “That was expected of him, very well let him bring his captive onboard.”

– “Sergeant Olvyi is trying to establish vox link with the bridge”

– “Put him through”

– “Sir this is Olvyi we are onboard Thunderhawk and coming back to “Sword of Zagul”. We need to speak privately … there were things onboard captured vessel… you might want to know about it, I mean you should know about it … this was unexpected”
The vox connection crackled and made Olvyi sound like he was more worried than he actually was.

– “Very well Olvyi, meet me in my quarters as soon as you will be able to. First officer Tornton, you have the bridge. Also complement our escorts on their prowess, it was perfectly executed operation” Replied Corymbus before leaving the bridge.
+++ half an hour later +++
+++ “Sword of Zagul”, Veteran sergeant’s Corymbus private quarters +++

– “Corymbus I will get to the point…”

– “Please do”

– “Onboard the command vessel squad Olvyi encountered blasphemous shrine devoted to the pantheon of Chaos. Corymbus! By the THRONE they worshipped ruinous powers!”

Corymbus’s features darkened. As a true servant of the Emperor he hated pawns of chaos above all other foes that humanity encountered in the vastness of galaxy’s void and he sought every occasion to deliver just punishment to the misguided and fallen. But now he also knew that this was bad news. Not out of fear, but rather out of carefulness he wanted to avoid meeting the inquisition. Now that the nature of the foe was revealed it was a matter of time that this bloody bastards will also arrive in the system.

– “Olvyi keep this information to yourself and order your squad to not spread it even to other battle brothers. For now it’s better to await Captain Ortuga’s decision of how we will handle this war. And also we should wait for Admiral to voice his reasons for treachery. Thank you Olvyi, you may go now.

Olvyi bowed his head and left the room. Ship-master reached for his helmet lying on the desk and put it on his head.

-“This is Corymbus, prepare the prisoner for my arrival. I shall question him personally. Make sure to have all the necessary tools and servitors ready within twenty minutes”.

Short confirmation followed, and then Corymbus walked out of his quarters towards containment cells, with dark thoughts and even darker mood.


Prologue III – The Mantis Warriors

+++ Jorus System +++ 
+++ System’s Oort cloud region +++
+++ Strike Cruiser’s “Venomous” command bridge +++

Seven figures clad in power armour and one in terminator armour all in Mantis Warriors livery stood around strategic table with hololithic representation of Jorus System. Death Warden Galfridus called a meeting of company commanders before reaching Jorus system, just after they received the distress call from planet Baalimm. Company commander Captain Tagon Ortuga didn’t hesitate to commit to Jorus system investigation even though some company members pointed out that strike force should first replenish the supplies. Strongest plea came from company’s chief Techmarine Yagnar – Master of the Forge of “Devourer” battle barge.

Captain Ortuga dismissed the pleas for resupply much to satisfaction of Death Warden. Now that the matter was not any more debatable since they already were in the system, the plan of actions to be taken was about to be agreed upon. 

– “What we know so far is that our brothers from Guardians of Celeres Chapter were attacked by insurrectionists. There is also talk of traitor within the ranks of the Guardians that led the insurrectionists and prepared a trap that has seen most of the Astartes forces on the ground of Baalimm brutally slaughtered. Planet Baalimm is a Hive world that serves as recruitment world for Chapter which means its importance is unquestionable.” Captain Ortuga paused and awaited replies from his officers.

– “What we do not know is the exact troop disposition of the enemy and their strength. So far we may speculate that Imperial Guard regiments and planetary defence forces are all committed to the treachery. This leaves us with probable troop disposition of six Mechanized infantry regiments of Imperial Guard and two regiments of planetary defence forces.” Added veteran sergeant Jehol clad in terminator armour. His booming voice echoed in the chamber even though he wore no helmet.

– “This pests will be dealt with quickly and mercilessly, although we cannot afford to wipe out entire population of the planet since our brothers of the Guardians of Celeres find the genestock of its population worthy for recruitment. This means we should eradicate the enemy while trying to avoid any collateral damage to the planetary population.” Pointed out Chief Apothecary Hankin.

– “Initial scans of the system show that we may encounter void opposition from 5 system monitor ships, yet I would not call it anything more than a nuisance. But then again we do not know if the Jorus fleet also committed to the insurrection.” Spoke veteran sergeant Corymbus commander of vanguard cruiser “Sword of Zagol”.

– “That is a thing to consider, shall we strike with high prejudice or should we hail them first. Then there is the matter of other planets that are home to smaller human populations and may or may not be also infested with the insurrectionists influence” Voiced sergeant Anfroy

– “Yes we need to consider that, but for now we assume that entire system has fallen into the claws of treachery. We should…” Captain Ortuga never finished the sentence due to incoming hail from the flagship of Mantis Warriors gathered fleet – the “Devourer”.

– “Captain, this is Branwen forgive me the interruption of war council, but there is something that demands your attention.”

– “Speak sergeant” 

– “Our long range scanners and navigators are registering warp translation of significant size that will take place in a matter of hours” 

– “Who do we expect?” Asked veteran sergeant Jehol, “More traitors?”

– “No, sir we are receiving signatures of broadcasted messages preceding the incoming fleet arrival”

– “What is the meaning of them”

– “It is a looped warning that says: <Be ready for the wrath of Sons of Sanguinus> therefore I am guessing we can expect Blood Angels Chapter or their successors in system within several hours”

-“Very well sergeant, thank you for that”

– “At your service Sir, Branwen out”

Captain Ortuga looked around on the gathered Astartes and said after short while:

– “Looks like we have to postpone our war council since there will be need to coordinate our actions with our cousins from Baal. Yet meanwhile sergeant Corymbus shall take “Sword of Zagol” and two destroyers of your choosing and scout ahead. Shall you encounter and hostilities from system fleet, crush them with all your strength, otherwise do not engage them. We will join you shortly, but until then maintain high anchor above the Saint Ahra. Also try to establish communication with Ecclesiarchy on the planet surface since as far as our information goes, this planet is committed to worshipping Saint Ahra which suggest clergy presence and they may be a source of valuable intel.”

– “As you command Sir” Veteran Sergeant Corymbus bowed his head and left the meeting in order to get back on his ship.

Prologue II – The Mantis Warriors

+++ Year 950.M41 Ultima Segmentum +++
+++ Mantis Warriors 3rd penitentiary crusading fleet on route to Fargo –  Sector capital +++
+++ Strike Cruiser “Venomous” +++

Oliphias was running as if hosts of hell were after him. In fact that was not far from truth. His descent to the lower levels of strike cruiser “Venomous” was marked with several accidents of which crossing ways with gun loaders gangs was most troubling for him. He had a blood feud with several members of this aggressive organization and was promised a brutal death on many occasions by its members.

Yet since he was a chapter servant, and one seconded to 3rd Company Reclusiarch Galfridus, his mind was troubled with more urgent matters than the revenge of gangers. Two hours ago the bridge received distress call from neighbouring star system named Jorus. Since penitent crusade that Mantis Warriors were currently on, brought the Chapter’s 3rd Company to this region of space they have battled every foe they came across as an effort to repent for their transgressions in the past. Most recently they have purged Ragas sub-sector from Orc infestation, and after successfully completing the task they embarked on a journey to Fargo in order to resupply the fleet. By the judgement of Inquisition and their brother Chapters Mantis Warriors were not allowed to draft new recruits until they were not done with their penance, yet they were still allowed to resupply when needed.

Oliphias kept running through narrow corridors in an effort to reach Reclusiarch in his private quarters and deliver urgent news about received distress call. Galfridus was not responding to any vox hails from the bridge therefore Oliphias had to deliver a data slate with the message in person.

When he finally reached the chamber doors, he stopped to catch his breath and look around if he was not followed by the gang members. The protective aura of being Reclusiarch’s servant kept him alive yet again and he eluded death one more time.

After short while he pressed the console on the left side of bulwark doors and waited admission. Doors parted and allowed him entrance. First thing he noticed was the irritating smell of incense and thousands upon thousands of candles lit in the chamber. He left antechamber and followed in to the main room. The heat from the candles made a pleasant difference compared to the cold of lower level corridors.

A lone figure was kneeling in the room’s center. Surrounded by candles Reclusiarch Galfridus was occupied with self-flagellation. Blood dripped from his back and made a small pool of quickly coagulating fluid around his feet and knees.

“He must be doing this for hours now, if not days!” Thought Oliphias to himself. Astartes wounds heal incredibly fast, but Galfridus kept on flogging himself to prevent the coagulation. His back bore evidence of countless hits form of both fresh wounds and old scars of various origin.

“Master Galfridus I have urgent message that you need to be informed about, let me…” Oliphias was interrupted by Galfridus who tossed the flail to the ground and stood up, still standing with his back to the intruder. Then Oliphias realized Astartes was completely naked but for the peace of cloth around his waist. “His head is bare!” Oliphias realized with horror, “That’s not good, no not at all, warp damn it!”. Death Wardens as Mantis Warriors called their Chaplains, wore helmets with a representation of bone white skull on their heads at all times. No-one, especially those not of Adeptus Astartes were allowed to see faces of Death Wardens. Looking upon the face of one of them was considered grievous disrespect.

“Master I didn’t know you committed to the meditation…” Started Oliphias and was brutally interrupted once again.

“Silence!” Spoke Galfridus with a voice demanding immediate and unquestionable obedience.
Oliphias bowed his head as low as he was able to.

Galfridus turned around and walked towards standing serf.

“You know the rules Oliphias, yet you disrespected me with disobedience. Disobedience is a sin, committing to sin is heresy, and heresy is treason in the eyes of God Emperor. Treason should be punished.” Death Warden made a pause, and in the silence Oliphias loudly swallowed salvia that gathered in his mouth out of fear.

“The only punishment adequate for treason is death” Recited Galfridus, and while he spoke the last words he crushed Oliphias skull with his bare hand. He watched convulsing body of his servant fall on the floor and he shake bloody pulp of Oliphias’s brain-matter and skull fragments off of his hands. Then he took data slate that Oliphias brought with him and started reading through the report.

“Your soul will be grateful to me Oliphias. Your transgression was justly served with punishment. Justice that we were denied after our own treachery. We must bare eternal shame of being treated mercifully. Even though we never asked for one. We should all be already dead, and your death was a privilege that we were deprived.”

Galfridus stood there analysing the details on data slate for several more minutes and afterwards he turned towards his armour and prepared to meet the company commanders. Oliphias was right after all, the matter was urgent.