The story so far:

Prologue (parts – I, II, III, IV)

During ordinary initiate training activities on Hive World Baalimm, elements of 10th Company of Guardians of Celeres Chapter were ambushed and betrayed by the renegade Imperial Guard Regiments that stationed nearby the hive city. Initiates together with their overseers from 10th Company were nearly slaughtered to a man. Noteworthy one of the Adeptus Astartes present on the planet turned out to be in league with traitors – sergeant Tanrus, who for reasons unknown sided with the insurrectionists.

One of the marines managed to get to the interplanetary communication station and broadcast SOS distress call for help. Satellites present within the star system Jorus, due to specific calibration managed to relay the call for help further on to neighboring systems.

The call for help was initially received and answered by the Mantis Warriors Chapter fleet en-route to sector capital Fargo. Third Company with elements of 4th and 10th of Mantis Warriors under the command of Captain Tagon Ortuga translated into Jorus system as fast as it was possible, abandoning the previous plan to first resupply at Fargo hive world.

Penitentiary crusade fleet approached the furthest planet of the Jorus System – planet Saint Ahra. The scouting party send ahead of the main fleet led by the “Sword of Zagul” Vanguard Cruiser commanded by Veteran Sergeant Corymbus of 3rd Company engaged in void battle with system monitor vessels that sided with the traitors. Brief exchange of fire left the traitors in ruins. Wrecks of their ships were scattered above St. Ahra with no survivors left alive, save for the captured during boarding action traitor Admiral Felario.

Chapter I (parts – 1, 2, 3)

Later on Veteran Sergeant Corymbus performed a brutal interrogation on the traitor Admiral and managed to asses the necessary data to realize that it was not mere insurrection of misguided cowards, but in fact chaos forces were involved in the process.  Contrary to his initial orders received from Captain Ortuga – he did not wait on the orbit of St. Ahra for the rest of the fleet in idleness, but deployed 3 squads of Mantis Warriors to the surface of St. Ahra in order to defend the besieged bastion of loyal Ecclesiarchy – the Saint Ahra Sanctuary.

Several hours after deployment and making contact with loyalists Veteran Sergeant Corymbus was faced with a siege that his forces had to repel in order to survive long enough for the rest of Chapter forces to arrive.

The battle begun with the unrelenting assault of enemy armor on defenders positions. Traitors used numerous Leman Russ tanks, together with Chimera troop carriers and Bane Wolf armored recon vehicles.

Surgical strikes performed by the Mantis Warriors entrapped approaching enemy forces in the ruins of the city surrounding the Sanctuary, and it is safe to say that the enemy armor detachment was completely annihilated. Enemy personal was then met with furious charge of Mantis Warriors assault marines and unforgiving bolter fire resulting in catastrophic casualties on the traitor side .

Due to the heavy loses and rapid morale drop down, traitors started to flee in unorganized fashion. Veteran Sergeant Corymbus managed to single out a command Chimera with enemy colonel commanding the renegades. He alone slaughtered both the crew and enemy commander, thus ending the traitors hope for any further organised action against the defenders.

Even though Astartes and the remnants of human defenders managed to survive and win the day, Mantis Warriors lost three Battle Brothers and a sergeant among them.

After the battle concluded in the defenders favor, veteran sergeant Corymbus flew back to the orbit on-board Thunderhawk, together with fallen Battle Brothers and Apothecary Otis. Ritual funeral was about to be prepared in the ceremonial chamber on board of “Sword of Zagul” when the rest of the fleet arrived and Corymbus could expect  questioning for his disobedience towards the orders he was given.

To be continued…