Project Info

Jorus Campaign web blog is a fan made project consisting of non-canon short stories written by non professional authors in love with Warhammer 40k setting.

We are planning to cover with our short stories a history of Jorus Campaign that took place in year 950.M41 in Warhammer 40k chronology. The event is totally made up and its conclusion is unknown even to the authors.

Grounds for plot of our stories is determined by the results of pre-set scenarios played in Dawn of War 2 PC Real Time Strategy game, Revenge of the Blood Ravens (lore accuracy mod). Those events will be streamed via Twitch, and they  will be open to join for the willing gamers, on either renegade or loyalist side. Basing on the battles outcome, we will write stories depicting the progress of combatant forces and flesh them out with some background fluff.

It should be clear to any and all visitors that Warhammer 40k and other trademarks mentioned on the blog belong to their respective owners, Games Workshop among them, and Relic Entertainment in case of Dawn of War 2 PC game. Also the introduction text in the “Warhammer 40k” tab is copied (only for informational purposes) from the beginning of Black Library published books.

This is completely fan made project without any claims as to being a cannon source for Warhammer 40k events.

It is also entirely non commercial.

If you happen to have any questions regarding the blog or you would like to contribute your texts to it, please contact the team via mail: