The Jorus Campaign begun in the year 950.M41 in:

+Ultima Segmentum

++Janus Sector

+++Celeres Star Cluster

++++Jorus System,

and was considered the single biggest conflict in the history of Janus Sector.

Janus Sector is located in the area surrounding the Maelstrum, yet not directly since it is separated from its borders by Karhago Sector and Demeter Sector.

It consists of about 300 habitable planets divided unevenly into 5 sub sectors. The closest to the Maelstrum area is the sub sector commonly referred to as Celeres Star Cluster, hosing about 29 habitable planets divided between 11 star systems, among which Jorus System resides.  Janus Sector Capital is Fargo, a massive Hive World located in the spinward part of the sector.

Celeres Star Cluster is a home to several Feral Worlds, one Forge World (Zeta Omicron) and three Hive World, several Agri Worlds, a dozen of Frontier Worlds and a Shrine World (St. Ahra).

In the heart of Celeres star cluster resides Jorus star system, a recruitment ground of one of the Adeptus Astartes Chapters – The Guardians of Celeres. Yet it is important to notice that even though Baalimm was a recruitment zone for the Chapter it was not its  Monastery World.

Jorus is a binary star system, and is incredibly rich in habitable planets compared to other systems in Celeres star cluster, it consists of:

-Orange Sub-giant “Jorus Majoris”
-Yellowish-White Dwarf “Jorus Minoris”

1. Small Terrestrial – Baalimm – Hive World – recruitment world of Guardians of Celeres
2. Small Terrestrial – Otarius – jungle/desert semi Hive World (see Armaggedon for                                                                                  reference to similar planet)
3. Small Terrestrial – Kallodren – Feral World
4. Gas giant – Athanos
5. Glaciated – Saint Ahra, Shrine World

Asteroid belt surrounding the solar zone – kind of Oort Cloud

In year 947.M41 Guardians of Celeres were ordered to redeploy with their full strength, by the Marneus Calgar Chapter Master of Ultramarines, in order to quell the festering rebellion in Boltar System in remote Haticon Sector. Therefore the bulk of their forces was absent at the time of Jorus Campaign initial stages, save for the elements of 10th Scout Company on the planet Baalimm.


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