Table of Contents

Below you will find chronologically arranged short stories posted so far. Yet before you go and drown yourself in the awesomeness of the content we prepared for you, you might want to check out the Project Info page for better understanding of what we are trying to achieve here, or else check out the Background page for better reference towards the Jorus Campaign setting. If you are not familiar with Warhammer 40k fluff please visit this link.

If you are back here after a while and want to remind yourself where is the plot currently at, please visit the Synopsis page.

Prologue I – Fate of Guardians of Celeres

Prologue II – The Mantis Warriors

Prologue III – The Mantis Warriors

Prologue IV – The Mantis Warriors

Chapter I – part 1 – Mantis Warriors – The Descent on St. Ahra

Chapter I – part 2 – Mantis Warriors – Siege of St. Ahra Sanctuary

Chapter I – part 3 – Mantis Warriors – Alienation

Chapter I – part 4 – Chaos – Shattered alliances